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Underpriced Jayson Tatum Rookie Cards to Look For: Mid-End

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

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Impeccable Base Patch Autograph /99

Last Sale: $700 (Raw and 7/9/2021)

The Impeccable base patch autograph is another example of a great on-card patch autograph of Tatum’s to own. The Impeccable set uses a canvas-like material for its cards and also possesses sleekly designed patch windows. Impeccable also, in my opinion, presents better than many similarly priced cards such as Noir or Spectra. In addition, Impeccable doesn’t have nearly as many parallels as many other sets do, boasting only the base /99, Silver /25, Gold /10, and a Platinum one of one card. In addition, Impeccable Autograph cards without a patch sell for a similar price to the patch autographs. In my eyes, a patch autograph is an objectively cooler card to own and there is no reason they should be priced similarly given similar conditions. If your goal is to own a premium Jayson Tatum card and to also not absolutely blow the bank, then the Impeccable base patch autograph could be a card to consider picking up.

Spectra Base Patch Autograph /299

Last Sale: $700 (Raw and 8/2/2021)

The Spectra base patch autograph for Tatum represents the lowest price you can buy a Tatum rookie patch autograph with an on-card auto. In addition, it is a uniquely designed card with a modern flair to it. One downside to this set is a large portion of the patches from Tatum's Spectra base patch autograph are one colored. This can affect a card's collectability due to its lack of uniqueness, but I still believe that this card is underpriced. Part of the reason I feel this way is due to the fact that autograph cards with no patch are still selling for more. While I would opt for the Impeccable patch autograph if it is available for a similar price, I still feel strongly about the fact that the Spectra base patch autograph will garner long-term interest from collectors due to its scarcity.

Court Kings Fresh Paint Autograph 1

Last Sale: $315 (Raw and 8/22/2021)

The last card I will focus on in the middle tier of cards is Tatum's Fresh Paint 1 Autograph. This card isn't numbered like any of the previous examples, but I believe the design and uniqueness to this short-printed insert will lend for some more interest. I enjoy that the card appears as if it were freshly painted and also that the autograph is signed in dark black. In addition, this insert is one of the least expensive on-card autograph cards you can pick up of Tatum. If you are a buyer with a little extra money who can afford something a little bit above a starter card, I would recommend focusing on this insert because I believe it will retain exponentially more interest than the proceeding options. I still think there can be value to be captures in the starter section, but this card is among Tatum's most underpriced autographed cards.

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