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Underpriced Jayson Tatum Rookie Cards to Look For: High-End

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Jayson Tatum is on the verge of a career-altering season. He is getting dark horse MVP consideration and looks to improve upon his already gaudy numbers from the Celtics unsuccessful 2020 campaign. It seems Tatum is bound to burst onto the scene as one of the top NBA players at any moment now and for many, they do not want to miss this ascension.

This article will break down some Jayson Tatum rookie cards and inserts that I believe aren’t getting enough love on the market. In addition to looking at cards that have the potential to go up in price, Tatum cards in general are some of my favorites to pick up on the market right now because they is so underpriced when comparing him to other stars’ cards on the market(Click here to read more about his value). These combined factors make Tatum cards an attractive option for buying right now, but the question is, which one? When looking into the card market of Jayson Tatum, the vast number of options just from even his rookie year can cause any card buyer a headache. To curtail any issues pertaining to the selection of the right card, I have broken some cards I think are underpriced into different tiers for different hobbyists: High-End, Mid-End, Starter Cards, Cool Inserts/Non-Rookie Cards.

For Mid-End Cards, Click Here

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Immaculate Base Patch Autograph /99

Last Sale: $4052 (Raw and 7/22/2021)

Tatum's Immaculate Patch Autograph base represents a strong point of entry into his card market. It also represents a card that many investors will likely not have the extra money to actually purchase given its current price of around $4000 dollars for a raw card. The reason I even included this card on the list is because I believe that at its current value it makes more sense than a card like his National Treasures Patch Autograph, which can sell for more than four times as much in the same condition. The Immaculate Patch Autograph is essentially one of the last high-end cards most investors can even consider affordable. If you truly believe in Tatum as a player and believe he has the potential to be a multi-time MVP, and also have the free money to spend, I would recommend trying to pick up one of these Immaculate cards, as they are some of his most coveted RPA's on the market, trailing only Flawless and National Treasures.

Select Rookie Signatures Neon Green /65

Last Sale: $3600 (BGS 9.5 and 8/30/2021)

The Select Rookie Signatures insert is one of my favorite on-card autograph cards you can pick up of Tatum, especially in the neon green color. A few of the reasons why I think the Rookie Signatures insert is a good buy are as follows: Select is a well recognized set in the hobby that also has a good reputation in many collectors eyes and this is the only on-card autograph product within both the Select and Prizm sets for this season. As for why this specific parallel should be the one to buy, the neon green matches well with the Celtics' team colors well and is considerably more scarce (65 cards compared to 199 of the silver base). While this may not be a patch autograph, this is one of Tatum's more unique and special autograph cards. If you enjoy this card, but a price of around $2500-$3000 is too steep, then the silver version of the card could also be a card to focus on, with that parallel being available for around half of the price.

Contenders Vertical Playoff Ticket Autograph /65

Last Sale: $2005 (PSA 9 and 4/21/2021)

Another impressive on-card autograph insert of Tatum's to focus on is his Contenders Playoff Ticket Autograph. With Tom Brady's rookie being the biggest card from Contenders price-wise, the set has earned a reputation in the card world as one of the best sets to be buying autographed rookie cards from. This is no different for Tatum and one of the most appealing looking cards out of all his Contenders rookie cards is the Playoff Ticket. The parallels of Tatum's rookie ticket are the safest buys from contender due to its reputation in the brand. This includes both the "Playoff Ticket" and "Finals Ticket" parallels, The striped border around Tatum's action shot adds an official feeling to the Playoff Ticket and it is a considerably more scarce card with only 65 being printed compared to his base rookie ticket being out of 125. This card represents the most affordable option of all the cards in the high-end category and is still a great option for card buyers interested in getting a premier Tatum rookie card.

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