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Underpriced Jayson Tatum Rookie Cards to Look For: Starter Cards

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Starter Cards

Essentials Green Base

Last Sale: $100 (Raw and 9/9/2021)

To kick off the starter cards section, I chose to go with Tatum's green parallel from the Essentials set. I enjoy the Essentials set as opposed to a more mainstream one mainly for its low population in combination with it being an intriguing card. Tatum's base Essentials card has a total PSA population of 364 and the green parallel's total population at PSA is only 20. This is much rarer in comparison to a set like Prizm, where there are over 10,900 base cards graded by PSA and over 290 green prizm parallels as well. Given this information, the Essentials green parallel is vastly underpriced when looking at better performing sets and cards on the market. If you don't want to be spending above what you're comfortable with, but still would love to have some money in a Tatum card, this is an excellent option to target due to its low population and intriguing design.

Optic Rookie Kings Lime Green /149

Last Sale: $170 (Raw and 8/31/2021)

Another great starter card to look at is Tatum's Optic Rookie Kings card in the lime green parallel, If you haven't realized it yet, I enjoy card parallels that matches the team colors and this card is no different. It may not be the most perfect color match, but this card is also numbered to 149, making it rare card to find. Much like the Essentials card above, I believe the price is too low in comparison to its very low population. I like this card and the Essentials for different reasons, but that's a choice of preference that will ultimately be up to you. The Essentials, in my opinion, is a cooler card, but this card is much rarer being that it is numbered.

Acension Ascent Autographs /299

Last Sale: $250 (Raw and 8/12/2021)

The last starter card I looked at of Jayson Tatum is his cheapest on-card autograph product you can buy. Some, as of mid-September 2021, can be had for $250 or less. In addition, the card has a limited print of 299, making it a rare card as well. I am not the biggest fan of cards that feature a collegiate jersey, but the price point combined with low population as well as an on-card autograph make it an intriguing option. I would personally opt for the Essentials or Rookie Kings card, but the opportunity to own an on-card autograph of Tatum for such a low price is a hard opportunity to pass up.

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