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Underpriced Jayson Tatum Cards to Look For: Cool Non-Rookie Inserts

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Non-Rookie Inserts

2018 Select In-Flight Signatures

Last Sale: $300 (Raw and 8/17/2021)

The In-Flight Signatures card is an insert from Select that Tatum collectors, and other hobbyists that collect Tatum, were not fortunate enough to see in his rookie season. Collectors had to wait until his second year for the scarcely printed card featuring a prominent on-card autograph, but it was will worth the wait. This is the most expensive non-rookie card we will be looking at, but given the popularity of the In-Flight insert to this point, it is one that will be well worth the money. One of the biggest draws for me about In-Flight‘s are the in-action dunk shots they all feature of the players in conjunction with an autograph. Overall, I would not focus on this card as your primary Tatum card to own, but I think this would be an amazing addition for anybody who collects JT.

2020 Clearly Donruss Gold

Last Sale: $5 (Raw and 9/14/2021)

This is one of my favorite low-cost Tatum cards you can get! The Clearly Donruss set is a unique one mainly because it features cards that have a transparent stock. This is by no means the first time something like this has been done in cards, but this is a cheap card that is relatively pretty cool. I recommended the gold version, as opposed to the base silver, because it is short-printed, meaning there are considerably less of them. In addition, the cost is nearly the same as a base silver, making the gold the clear option. I would recommend this card to nearly any collector given its current price. It is a unique card that should be welcomed in almost any Tatum collection!

2020 Donruss Crunch Time Press Proof

Last Sale: $13 (Raw and 9/4/2021)

Another one of my favorite non- rookie Tatum cards, coming from the Donruss set, is the Crunch Time insert. In my opinion, the Donruss set in general has some of the most creative and unique inserts and this is no different with Crunch Time, a card designed to read like a cereal box. I enjoy this insert specifically because it's fun and it's something different from all the other cards featuring a regular colored background. In addition, the press proof version has gold foil used on some lettering and is also short-printed. This is another card I would recommend to almost anyone looking for a cool card to own of Tatum. The price point makes it relatively accessible to everyone and it is a card with a fairly low population, due to the fact it' s short-printed.

2020 Donruss Marvels Press Proof

Last Sale: $75 (Raw and 9/9/2021)

The last non-rookie insert I focused on, Donruss Marvels, is a fairly popular one. Again hailing from the Donruss set, this insert is designed to look like a comic book cover, crossing the path of two of the most prominent alternate assets/collectibles. I do not collect comics, but I do enjoy this card because it is unique compared to so many other Tatum cards. I also focused on the press proof version as with this card due to the lower print run and gold foil. This card is a little more expensive than the Crunch Time insert, but I still believe this is a must have for collectors of Tatum due to its uniqueness and creativeness.

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