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Overall Panini Basketball Rank and Tier (Tier 2):

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Tier 2 Cards

( Opulence, Impeccable, Noir )


Tier two cards are more affordable cards that still hold a high level of collectability and long-term hobby interest. They consist mainly of numbered cards, again creating a real scarcity. Tier two cards are unique and look impressive enough to garner more interest than cards in the tiers below, but they lack the premium look and precise details of the sets in tier one in most cases, as well as lacking a higher price point than the previous mentioned cards.

5. Opulence:

Opulence is by far the most gold-heavy of any of the 2019 basketball sets. The cards feature primarily gold foil backgrounds with on-card autographs as well as generously sized patch windows. The Opulence set represents a very remarkable looking card that is available at a more affordable price. One downside these cards possess is they are often seen in low grades due to the chipping in the gold foil used. This can also be seen as an advantage potentially because this could create a lower overall population for higher grades of these cards. In my opinion, these cards are highly collectible and present a nice opportunity for card buyers with a little less capital to still get an extremely meaningful piece.

Recommended Cards to Buy-

Opulence Gold Rookie Patch Autograph /25-

The gold parallel for most cards is a strong candidate to buy into because it is usually lower numbered and possesses that premium feel. I also believe that the base patch autographs /79 for more expensive players are an extremely solid option, I would just note to stick to two color patch windows or more.

6. Impeccable:

The Impeccable set from panini is one with many numbered inserts, medium-sized patch swatches, blue on-card autographs, and other unique pieces(Logo Man cards made with gold is one example). The cards background features the players’ team colors and with their names written in silver at the bottom and are usually made of a canvas-like stock, giving them a texture. These cards also come at the cheapest box price yet making them an even more affordable option. The one downside many of the cards possess are one-color jersey swatches, which can take away from a collector’s interest in such a unique piece. A lot of these cards also come littered with meaningless words to the player that can sometimes be too much and take away from the overall appeal (elegance, extravagance , etc.). Overall, I believe that Impeccable, with an appealing multi-color patch, is a great example of a card set that mixes affordability with real hobby interest.

Recommended Cards to Buy-

Impeccable Gold Patch Autograph /10-

The gold parallel again represents a strong patch autograph to buy. There is a gold foil around the patch window and these cards usually features a more premium patch than those of the base patch autographs /99.

7. Noir:

Panini Noir is a mid-end set for patch-autos and numbered cards. The cards feature on-card autographs and are primarily “film-themed”. These cards have their own unique appeal, with a deep black background and some modest patch windows often times showing multi-color patches as well. This set also features a unique insert called “Sneaker Spotlight” that has gained interest in the hobby. The insert displays some of the most recognizable sneakers in basketball worn by some of the most influential players through a card. Overall, many of the same things that were said about Impeccable, can be said about Noir, but I would argue Noir releases a more unique product. That said, I believe that Noir falls just short of the sleeker and more official theme associated with the Impeccable set.

Recommended Cards to Buy-

Noir Base Patch Autographs /99 (Colored)-

There are not a lot of options when it comes to patch autographs with Noir, but the colored bases look good when comparing it to the black and white version, especially if you are able to get one that is has a 2 or more colored patch. I also think the autographed sneaker spotlight inserts for more high-end players can be a unique piece to collect, as they offer a glimpse into another booming market, sneakers.

If you guys found this article helpful or insightful in navigating the current landscape of basketball cards, please leave a like, comment, or both! Also, if you enjoyed this tier, check out our articles on the other tiers!

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